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Shortcuts (since iOS12)

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Shortcuts 中文版本

How to get the shortcuts in this article

On this page, please open in Safari on your iPhone, and having Shortcuts installed. Then click the ⬇️ icon on this page to download.

You will see image under and click ‘Open in “Shortcuts”‘, it will go to Shortcuts APP and ask your import QA.

DarkSky Weather Checked

This is the one edited from MacStories Club, it have previous steps to do the API stuff and etc. I won’t provide that since it’s not a free club. (If Federico share for free, I will update too.)

This one only added the ‘Run Shortcuts’ action so you can get the real location each time. (You definitely will need the original Get Coord shortcuts by MacStories Club.)

The import QA will ask which shortcuts to run, so choose the one you got from Federico.

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