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iOS APP:Coffee It - Track Caffeine in Simplest Way

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Coffee It is an iOS APP that builds for those who drink Coffee a lot. There are a group of people who want to log all Caffeine they drink each time. And from all iOS APPs, most Caffeine Tracker APP are abandoned in a few time, without further bug fixes and improvement, the APP is difficult to use. The rest are expensive, and less functional. This is why I develop Coffee It.

Please download Coffee It - Track Caffeine in Simplest Way and give a try!

For me, it only takes a seconds to log the coffee before I throw the empty cup, so if you feel it’s not that good to use, give me feedback and I will try my best.

Using telegram to give me feedback: @o1xhack

As a student with spare time for these APPs:

Leave a 5-star if you like it or want support me!


I’m a student in Computer Science, and I learn Swift and iOS Development myself.

This APP may not fulfill every coffee lover’s requirement, but I will keep developing it with any feedback! I cannot assure I can do every function since I still need time for my University Study, but with my spare time, I will do my best in improving it.

As you can see, I’m consistently making Coffee It faster and easy to using, for me, it only takes a seconds to log the coffee before I throw the empty cup, so if you feel it’s not that good to use, give me feedback and I will try my best.


I put all my time on my developing process (beside student works) that I don’t have time to write a whole article for features, here are the summary.

I sincerely appreciate you give me any advice or leave a 5-star with comment!

Complete Data

Build-in caffeine data will fulfill most normal situation.

Fulfill most normal routine log.


Favorite what you like and add in seconds

Quick, Fast like flash

The only thing you need to care is to choose the type of coffee.

In Favorite List, single click to confirm add without more steps.

Set History as default view, and click any history to add that data, quick like Flash!


Make your list and store specific type.

Customize your life and your mood! (:


Open it, Log it, and View it.

Minority Function: Set Badge to number “1”, and put inside a folder, 3D Touch folder to quick open Coffee It, and log coffe!

Daily Total and Limitation

View all your history! (integrated with Health)

See your daily total intake and percentage of the daily limitation​(300mg)


I have ideas about history analysis, data analysis, and I will try my best to develop it, but I cannot promise to update every feedback in time, but I will do my best to keep Coffee It up-to-dates. I’m using it too!

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Please give the app an upvoted if you can!

Update Timeline

Year 2017

10.9 App Store: 1.7.6

TOP: Watch APP is in progress~

  1. For all Soylent drinker, here we are!
    • Cafe Coffiest
    • Cafe Vanilla
    • Cafe Chai
  2. Starbucks Coffee add:Iced Flat White
  3. Starbucks Beverage add:Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers

9.28 App Store: 1.6.13

Coffee It already supports iOS11, if any problem, contact me please.
Also In-App Rate system added! Please give a 5-star!

Since the latest Apple Watch got a really fast speed to open 3rd APP, Coffee It will come up with a Watch APP, but won’t in few months. This semester cannot be more busier and I will try my best to maintain all LifeAnalysis Lab APPs.

This is an update with plenty data update and detail changed.

  1. History View now shows the number of cups you take. (Some person may drink not exactly one cup)
  2. Starbucks now seperate into two new groups: Starbucks Coffee and Starbuck Drinks
    • Just to let you know, there are still caffeine in lots of Drinks! Please check them and make your life better!
  3. New coffee data in Starbuck Drinks
    • Strawberry Acai Refreshers
    • Pink Drink
    • Ombrè Pink Drink
    • Iced Black Tea (Lemonade)
    • Iced Green Tea (Lemonade)
  4. Update coffee data in Starbucks Coffee
    • Caffè Latte
    • Caffè Mocha
    • Caffè Americano
    • Nariño 70 Cold Brew
  5. I find out some coffee got different caffeine date with Iced compare to normal Hot one.
    • Iced Coffee (Unsweetened)
    • Iced Coffee (Sweetened)
    • Iced Caffè Latte
    • Iced Caffè Mocha
    • Please notice when you drinking an Iced one, it’s normally got more in Venti type, also, you can submit a Request new Coffee types to help me add these data.
  6. Update Localization of Chinese
  7. UI Constraint change.

7.17 App Store: 1.6.6

  1. Using Fabric to analysis now.
    • No privacy problem! Won’t sell or give any data~
    • Just help me to learn how user using functions.
  2. Localization Chinese fix.
  3. Fix in Settings.

No big update for this version. From data, Coffee It has extremely little users, if your friends love coffee, track stuff, welcome to recommend Coffee It!

6.23 App Stroe: 1.6.5

  1. History View layout change!
    • Easier to see the data~
  2. New in-app notification UI
    • Change in 4 other places, Please let me know if you have other advices
  3. Click to add at History View
  4. Add new list at Coffee View
  5. Feedback at Setting View
    • New feature of the update version, this one it is!
  6. New launch screen!
    • LifeAnalysis Lab is founded!(only me233)
  7. Send Feedback email from settings

6.12 App Store: 1.5.5

—- Click in History to Add —-
Fast like Flash!

  • Now you can click any single history in History view
  • Then a confirm alert shows with details
  • Click and, that’s it!

—- Set Default Open View —-
With the Click in History to Add function
It’s better to let your choose the default open view

  • History view
  • or Coffee view

—- Localization —-
Since you all using En, I’m not introduced a lot.
Just support most view/alert with Chinese

—- UI/UX —-

  • font unify
  • UI unify (add to favorite change to Green)
  • tab bar name change

—- Bug? —-

  • fix showing of History bottom view
  • fix too many digit number(1.2222222%) in History Today view.
  • some alert fix

5.29 App Store: 1.3.13

—- Total Toady Caffeine —-

  • Now you can view total caffeine intake of today, the percentage of daily limitation(300mg)
  • The percentage label will present RED if you get the limitation
  • All data sync from HealthKit

—- Show Badge of 1 —-

  • Coffee It will ask for the request of notification, and then Coffee It will have the badge of “1” for all time until you close this setting.
  • After you open this, you can put Coffee It inside a folder, and 3D Touch the folder to quick open Coffee It with one step.

—- Localization —-

  • Now History daily goal view supports Chinese.
  • Go to APP Settings and open 「本地化中文」

4.17 App Store:1.3.3

  • Delete in History view
  • New Setting UI
  • New Setting: Confirm Add Alert in Favorite View
  • Auto layout fixes
  • URL Scheme basic support
  • Bug fixes

4.5 App Store:1.2.2

  • Favorite function!
  • Coffee Data support Chinese language
  • Add more coffee types
  • Bug fixes

3.30 App Store:1.0.0

  • All basic adding, deleting, editing
  • View controller and app info
  • Health Data access and check


Coffee It first time update to iTunes Connect

Caffeine Data Request

If you have any Coffee Brand or types want to be added as Default. Fill the form.


Privacy Policy

Caffeine Data Sources Policy